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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wonderwomanaka 8 / 10

I got to see an advanced screening of this movie in Austin, TX. It was so good. After it was over I wanted to watch it again. Months have passed and I still think about the movie. Sure, there were a few issues like with all movies. But the storyline and build up were done so well.

Reviewed by Savcic 7 / 10

"The Heretics" definetely has a lack of character's development (expect the lead gal's transformation) but the Black Fawn Films' scripts are better time after time. Jayme Laforest brought another good idea of phisical metamorphoses (his previous work titled "Bite" is one nasty love letter to Cronenberg), and Chad Archibald visualized it in his own way that already has an amount of fans.

Acting sometimes feels pretty poor but Nina Kiri is an awesome decision for the really hard part of Gloria, kidnapped-then-saved posttraumatic girl which worst fear is the cult to come back for her. When it actually happens and when she slowly loses her human form, Nina isn't confused to be scared, wick and brutally deformed. Ry Barrett and Jorja Cadence are also well done but their characters could have a better prehistory as this is really wanted closer to the film's climax.

"The Heretics" is great at visual point but needs a better storytelling provider. Black Fawn Films shouldn't get stuck on Laforest's work as he isn't good in characters' disclosures. The movie has its few chilling moments but this isn't enough. Archibald already proved he can make a spellbinding puctures but let's hope his next work will put the detailed story on the first.

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 5 / 10

Gloria (Nina Kiri) was kidnapped by heretics who wanted to bring back their god Abaddon, a Hebrew demon during the Chinese Lotus Moon...It's all good. Now she is in group with her outspoken friend Joan (Jorja Cadence). It isn't long before she is kidnapped by a member of the group which gives us a long sequence of plot twists.

Not the worst Hebrew demon, Chinese moon out there, but it had a lack of characters and those that it had lacked charisma and decent lines. Might work as the extra Redbox half-price rental.

Guide: F-word. Sex. Partial nudity

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